Memorial Service Photos

Jon and JoAnn's arrangement at the memorialClare's violin awaits the piece she played for her grandmotherBarb McCune, Janet Feenstra, and Jon Stielstra



The crowd at the memorial

Philip leads the service in the clubhouse  Photo of Ann and her brother Ernie Birth order, left to right Alyssa, Clare, and Emi check out the pictures of their Grandma Gail and Jay join Philip in checking out the photos Lunch in the boathouse afterwards: Ellen with Connie, Elden and Jay Stielstra Alyssa, Clare, and Emi go through albums Gay and Sorrel visiting with Ginny and Janet Uncle Stielie's kids, our cousins Connie, Gail, Elden, and Jay Philip, Ellen, Diane, and Jon One of the three picture boards that Ellen and Jon made Jon and JoAnn's arrangement at the memorial